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Town Planning


Should a planning permit be required, plans displaying compliance with relevant overlays & ResCode along with supportive documents will be sent to your local council for approval.


What is a Town Planning Permit?

The Town Planning Department assesses the suitability of a development and takes into account the impact that your project will have on the area. The nature of the proposed development and its use is dictated by the zoning and overlays that affect the site. A Town Planning Permit allows you to proceed with your project.


What is planning?

There are not many things that you can do to your land that will not affect others in some way and this is why some regulation is needed. Council planning departments are concerned with the use of land. It ensures that land is well managed taking into account the needs of the community and the environment. It involves looking at the impact on transport, what the land can be used for (houses, shops, factories, parks), the size and type of buildings and landscaping.


What is taken into account for a town planning permit?  

Council’s considerations vary depending on the site and the nature of the project.

  • Which zone the site is in and any overlay affecting the site.
  • Required setbacks from the sites boundaries.
  • Overall height requirements.
  • Neighbourhood character.
  • Site density restrictions.
  • Boundary setbacks.
  • The uses of the proposed building.
  • The suitability of the building within its area.
  • Visual bulk.

To read more about what is taken into account and what restrictions are in place in your area please visit this website


How do I know if I need a town planning permit?

There is no one answer to this question. First you must determine what zones and overlays are acting upon your site. You can do this by running a search for your property at then clicking ‘get report’. Alternatively contact us and we will conduct some preliminary research for you.


What is the town planning process?

Image coming soon.


How much do our town planning services cost?

The cost of our town planning services vary greatly, depending on the site and its restrictions, the size of the development and the amount of detail required. We encourage you to contact us either via phone or email to obtain a quote.