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3D perspectives


This involves modelling the building using 3D software. The software enables you to move 360o around the model and capture an image from any point on the site. This is an invaluable tool by assisting you with a visual understanding of your home, how it will sit on the site and how the new additions will tie in with the existing building.


What is a 3D render?

A 3D render is a high resolution still shot of a digital model. In this case the digital model is a scaled representation of your proposed project. Whether it is an extension, new home, apartment complex, factory etc. The camera taking the still shot can be positioned at any position on your site so you can get a 3D perspective from any angle of your building.


Why get a 3D render for your home or extension?

Not everyone can read plans and sometimes 2D elevations do not give the building justice in terms of depth; foreground and back ground, materials and colours. Changes to the design can be made to ensure the client will reach the end product they are after.

Being able to visualise the building at this early stage of the design is very important as complex changes down the track may necessitate adjustments to construction drawings and perhaps engineering specifications. Proposed drawings may also conflict with town planning permits.


Why get 3D renders for your apartment complex, office or commercial building?

Put simply it is a great marketing tool. Having a 3D render of your development available during the planning and construction process, will spread awareness of the project and attract investors and buyers. These renders showing internal and external aspects can be used on real-estate and company web and social media pages and printed on billboards and installed on the site of works. As a further selling and marketing tool we can provide internal renders of apartments, offices, conference rooms, lobbies, hotel rooms and restaurants to help your clients reach out to potential buyers.


How much do our 3D rendering services cost?

The cost of our 3D rendering services vary greatly, depending on the site and its restrictions, the size of the development and the amount of detail required. We encourage you to contact us either via phone or email to obtain a quote.